Electrical service is available through Lake Worth Utilities. 


Each lot has a separately metered municipal water supply. When you move in, we will help you establish your water service billing account. 

Additionally, the park is equiped with a well for irrigation and outdoor water use. Ask our management staff to help you locate the nearest well-water outlet for your outdoor watering needs.

Garbage and Waste Removal

Curbside garbage pickup is available every Tuesday and Friday. Large items or bulk trash materials that do not fit within the rolling trash container will not be collected during curbside pickup. These items must be taken to the dumpster. Contact a property manager if you have questions about garbage and waste removal.

Cable, Satellite, & High-Speed Internet

To arrange for cable or satellite television service, residents must contact the provider directly. Comcast provides cable television service in our area. Additionally, DirecTV, and Dish provide satellite television service. 

There are numerous providers for high-speed internet. This service can be arraged through Comcast, AT&T, and many other companies.